FontCreator Version 6.5 Free trial

Create professional looking custom fonts from the comforts of your home and use them for creating design oriented websites

Fonts play a very major role in determining the look and feel of any type of document, especially websites found in the internet. Hence, paying attention to the font styles that you use to create your website or any other document is a good idea and it will definitely pay off rich dividends in the longer run. FontCreator is professional tool that allows users to create their own custom fonts and make use of it in various applications where support is available. The fonts that have been created using this program are color scalable and it adds support for multicolored glyphs as well. There is a separate panel in the user interface where the user can take a look at the different types of fonts with an overview tab. It also houses the different types of glyphs. Users can also edit an existing font to suit their needs and requirements. There are three distinct font formats which are supported by FontCreator and these include the likes of Web Open Font Format, OpenType and TrueType. All three types can be used cross-platform browsers and operating systems. Before you actually use your font in a real life scenario, you can actually test it using the program so that you can ensure that everything looks fine before you actually start using it. Any slight imperfections can be eliminated when you test it. Both manual and automatic kerning support is included in the program.
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